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Community introduction

EnterWTO PSP (known as The Chinese Community Centre, “CCC”) was established and licensed by the government of Dubai with our mission of delivering the mutual assistances, collaborations, unity and mutual understanding since1st July,2004.

Thanks to China’s rapid economic development after 2 decades, it is a miracle that the majority of UAE Chinese have played important roles in the local International Trade, Finance, Culture Real-Estate and Information Technology sectors today, in comparison with the majority of UAE Chinese were in Catering, Vending & Retailing and other low-income sectors in the early 2000.

In the mid of 2004 when CCC was formed, there are thousands of jobless Chinese were exploring the better life, living standard and landed in UAE, but they were much disappointed by the hardship of UAE life, apart from the language barrier, the Chinese are also lack...

Community Activities

Curriculum inquiry
The language sklls you need for unlversty for work or to treved the world with contudence.
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  • Show you how to buy a used car in Dubai


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  • 2019 China( Hainan )International Commodities Expo

    Haikou, Haina

    Hainan International Convention Exhibition Center

    The comprehensive exhibition pavilion will be organized by domestic and foreign groups to show the industrial conditions, investment policy, tourism resources, featured Products and etc, of different regions

     Electronics and home Appliances

     Foods and Medical Cares

    Mobile devices, smart appliances, smart cities, video

    games, audio pad s, video and hd devices, daily

     life technology, home entertainment, etc.

    Tourist automobile, yacht, aircraft, scenic spot equipment. recreation equipment, travel products.

    communication and navigation products, creative designed tourism products, tourist handicraft,etc

    Dairy products, meat products, aquatic products, runs and vegetates tea and coffee

    beverage and alcohol, dessert and leisure food, canned and instant food. health care

    products medical equipment and instruments, rehabilitation physiotherapy products

    mobie health care and artificial intelligence products, plastic and cosmetic surgery

    technology, high end physical examination, aged care services, etc.

    Clothing, textiles, silk products, jewelry, bags, shoes

    watches, toys, etc.



     Household and Hotel Supplies

    Household articles, household decorations, fumiture, kitchenware, bedding, beauty

    salon care products, etc


    Free-trading The Whole Island Benefit-sharing The Whole World


    People's Government of Hainan Province

    Please contact us and book your booth as soon as possible

    Organized by

    Department of Commerce of Hainan Province

    Li Xuefeng: Wang Jinqiang

    People's Government of Haikou City




    Hainan International Convention Exhibition Center. Haikou Hainan

    Sponsored by

    Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China

    People’s Government of Hainan Province

    Organized by:

    Department of Commerce of Hainan Province

    People’s Government of Haikou City

    Foreign Trade Development Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce




    As a professional exhibiting platform for imported daily consumer goods

    Yiwu Imported Commodities Fair was founded in 2012, and upgraded into national

    level exhibition in 2015, to further correspond to the"Belt and Road proposal of

    China and contribute to the building of Yiwu China Imported Commodities city.

    The fair focuses on the quality of exhibitors and buyers, provides perfect ground

    service, and has rapidly developed into one of the most effective and promising

    exhibitions in the industry. in June 2016, China Yiwu Imported Commodities Fair

    was approved by Ufl as the first imported commodities fair in its list, and won the

    titie of " China Top 10 Most Distinctive Fairs",Zhejiang Top 10 Brand Fairs, and

    “China Top 10 Influential Fairs”in these years.

    Yiwu China imported Commodities Mall is situated in the fifth district of

    International Trade Mart, covering an area of 100, 000m. It is the largest imported

    daily articles trading center, dealing with 8 categories of foods, healthcare,

    garments shoes, daily use, household, skin care, baby care, jewelry crafts

    gathering 80, 000 types of factory outlet goods from over 100 countries.


  • The fifth Chinese reading conference in 2019 The second UAE Le Yong Cup Chinese reading conference

    UAE division organizers: UAE qiaoxing training school

    UAE division title sponsorship: UAE le yong trading co., LTD

    UAE division sponsor: Long Tengxuan


    People from all walks of life who enjoy reading aloud and reading can register

    Group setting

    Primary school: students aged 6-12; Secondary school: students aged 12 to 18; Adult group: over 18 years old,

    Contest content arrangement

    Each player can choose works they are good at, and ensure the work content is positive. Reading works cover songs, fairy tales, fables, stories, essays, novels, poetry, etc. The contestants are

    required to show the original feelings in elegant language, loud voice, abundant emotion, elegant manners, rich expressive force of stage.

    Activity schedule

    UAE registration time: from now to May 15 (tentative)

    UAE regional audition results announced: May 20 (tentative)

    UAE preliminary round date: June 8 (tentative)

    Venue: Long Haixuan (tentative)

    UAE division finals list announced: June 10 solstice June 17 (tentative)

    UAE region 3 finals and award ceremony: June 21 (tentative)

    UAE finals and award ceremony venue: to be determined

    Submit audio video works to Beijing organizing committee: end of June

    Waiting for the Beijing organizing committee to announce the final list: mid-july

    Go to Beijing for China finals and award ceremony: mid-august

    The famous TV program host of CCTV will come to Dubai on June 21, 2019.to guide the work of the competition area

    Teacher Zhan Ze profile

    ZhanZe: recitation artist, the host for China education television "revelation", "night at the museum" ,speech subject founder of Chinese reading network, host, deputy director of professional committee of the Chinese culture promotion association, Beijing language and academic reading read distinction committee deputy secretary-general, the ministry of culture, the examiner, director of Chinese poetry Spring Festival gala(2015,2016), distinguished professor for language arts of more than 40 universities nationwide. Top 10 contemporary Chinese dubbing masters, known as the magician of sound. Dubbing for several Chinese and foreign film and television advertisements, dubbing for thousands of Chinese and foreign film and television plays and cartoons, acting as the Chinese commentary for thousands of TV documentaries for national TV stations such as GBS of the United States, BBC of the United Kingdom, NHK of Japan and TBS.

    Teacher Zhang Yue profile

    Zhang yue: the former CCTV famous program host,  the "youth" program she hosted won the first prize of the national youth program host. She hosted the "Service for you" "With You" "Road to health" "Sunset Red" and other programs. She has won the national "golden microphone" gold award and the national host paper gold award first prize.

    Li Cangmao

    Li Cangmao: the annual championship for the Sichuan(a Chinese province) satellite TV "King of the Poetry", the Chinese language reading contest judges, the fourth Chinese reading contest contest judges(in 2018), the fourth session of Chinese reading committee spokesperson(in 2018) , member of the professional committee of the recitation and singing of Chinese poetry society, member of the host professional committee of Chinese culture promotion committee, China education television" Chinese arts exam "information guide teacher of broadcasting and hosting.


  • Discover Dubai

    Dubai has always been a global tourist shopping

    destination due to its thriving retail&services sectors

    To ensure a great shopping experience for both tourists

    and residents of Dubai, the Consumer Protection

    Department at the Department of Economic

    Development in Dubai have a dedicated team to resolve

    consumers disputes free of charge, provide information

    and advice to consumers about their rights and

    obligations, and protect the economy from unfair

    trading practices that harm consumers

    You should be assured that you can enjoy a safe

    shopping experience in Dubai, and in case you face a

    consumer issue, you can raise a complaint through.


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